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Voluntary Checks

Wondering about your vehicle’s condition?

Voluntary inspections are performed upon request for Greek or foreign vehicles in circulation. During the voluntary KTEO inspection, the following systems are examined

  1. Exhaust gases
  2. Convergence-Divergence
  3. Shock absorbers
  4. Braking system
  5. Lights
  6. Visual check of the vehicle
Documents Required

–  Traffic License
– Valid KTEO technical inspection report (if mandatory)
– Driver’s identity card or license

Conducted upon customer request to certify the presence and proper functioning of the anti-lock braking system (ABS).

Documents for Vehicles with Pre-installed ABS

– Traffic license
– Declaration as per Law 1599/86 by an authorized technician
– Valid KTEO technical inspection report
– Driver’s identity card or license

Documents for Vehicles with Retrofitted ABS

– Traffic license
– Certificate of good ABS installation from a notified EU laboratory with validation by the competent authority, as per directive 98/12/EEC or later
– Certificate of proper ABS operation from an authorized ABS inspector
– Valid KTEO technical inspection report
– Driver’s identity card or license


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