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Training Vehicles

Documents Required

– Traffic license
– KTEO previous check certification (if there is one)
– School operating license
– Driver’s identity card or license when presenting the vehicle
– Certification from a mechanical engineer verifying correct placement and operation of auxiliary footswitches during initial inspectio

*For Training trucks > 3.5T, a tachograph certificate is also required.

How Often is KTEO Required for Training Vehicles?

– Initial Check Within 1 year
– Periodic Check Every 1 year

Emission Card

Issued annually for light vehicles along with the KTEO Technical Inspection Report; issued every six months for heavy vehicles.


Online Help

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When do I pass the vehicle inspection?

Find the date for the next vehicle inspection (KTEO).

Remind me of the next KTEO inspection.

Fill in your details and we will call you a few days before your next KTEO inspection to schedule your appointment.